Wedding Dress Cleaning & Wedding Gown Preservation

Brashier Polk is your local trusted Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™

Whether your wedding dress is something borrowed, something new, or something vintage, let us take care of it for you!

Our Wedding Services

Truly green, MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™ wedding gown cleaning, wedding gown restoration, and wedding gown preservation for all brides.

Whether you need help getting your wedding dress into perfect condition before the big day OR help to preserve it after your wedding, let us help you. We can….


  • Clean and press your wedding gown before or after your wedding day.
  • Restore your heirloom or vintage wedding gown.
  • Clean and preserve your wedding gown, new or old
  • Clean and preserve your wedding accessories

Restoring Your Vintage Wedding Gown and Other Heirlooms

If the wedding gown or veil of your dreams is a family heirloom that time has yellowed and stained, call us! We specialize in restoring vintage wedding gowns, vintage veils, christening gowns, communion dresses, table linens, and other fine fabrics to the true color without damage to delicate materials or dyes. We remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot. Trust us to give your vintage wedding gown, family gown, or other heirlooms the care and attention they deserve.

Free Consultations

We are Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™, and we never charge for talking with you about caring for your just-worn wedding gown or for your vintage wedding gown or a vintage wedding veil that is the perfect complement to your new gown. If you have not yet decided whether to wear a new gown or a family gown, there is no need to choose when you can have both. Many wear a family gown to the rehearsal dinner or display It at the wedding reception. We can also help you with ideas for redesigning the family gown and special projects such as displaying the family gown at an anniversary celebration.

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

You can trust us to protect your wedding gown through our MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™ wedding gown cleaning process. Our green and eco-friendly gown cleaning is safe for you and safe for the planet. Before or after your wedding, we use gentle chemicals to dissolve the different kinds of stains. Once all stains are dissolved, your wedding gown is rinsed in pure solvent until all chemicals are removed and your wedding gown is completely clean. Then we press your wedding gown by hand.


Accessories such as your wedding veil may be included when you choose wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation for your gown. We do not recommend you preserve your wedding shoes with your gown. You can trust us to remove stains by hand and protect your wedding accessories according to the highest standards throughout our MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™ wedding gown cleaning process.


Travel Preparation

When we prepare your wedding gown for your wedding day or for carrying your wedding gown with you to your destination wedding, we insert a bodice form and tissue to prevent wrinkles. We can also pack your wedding gown in our destination wedding kit so you can safely carry your gown with you through airline security and store your wedding gown in the overhead on board the plane.

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

You chose the wedding gown just right for you. Now give your wedding gown, the symbol of your vows, the award-winning care just right for your gown. We take extra steps to be certain all stains, both seen and unseen, are removed. Wedding day spills such as soda, wine, and cake (many times caused by a guest and unnoticed by you) do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and if not removed will caramelize into ugly brown stains. When your wedding gown is completely clean, we pack it in museum-quality storage materials to ensure the life of your wedding gown. 



Don’t worry grooms! We can take care of your tuxedos as well. Our experienced team can handle any type of garment and take pride in our work. Let us clean up all pieces of your tux before and after your wedding day. If you want to preserve your tux for the future groom, we can also help you with that.


“Fast, friendly customer service & they take excellent care of my special items.”

Tracey Hunt

“Always 24 hour turnaround, reasonable prices with friendly employees. They do a fantastic job making my dirty work jacket look like new every time!”

Dawn Mellinger

“Nice, friendly people. Fast, flawless service over the past 10 months.”

Geary Jones

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