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Laundered Shirts

Are you tired of pressing your button-up shirts every work morning? Are you just not able to get every wrinkle out? Is that pesky stain just not going away? Let us fix it for you. We take the hassle out of cleaning and pressing your shirts and help you look your very best. Drop off your executive laundry shirts at any one of our convenient locations or let us come to you with our Free Pick-up & Delivery route service.


Sport Coats, Blazers, and other garments sometimes can’t be effectively cleaned in a regular washing machine without the risk of damaging the garment or not getting a thorough clean. We have multiple options and different cleaning fluids that can best be matched to your particular garment’s fabric and care label. Let our advanced drycleaning machines use the best solvents possible for your particular items and get the best clean possible.

Comforter Cleaning

Our premium dry cleaning machines can also wash comforters effectively. If your bedspread is looking worn down let us give it a makeover. We will use our expertise to give it an incredible clean and hopefully get it looking like new again.


Table Linens/Sheets

Can’t get the tough stains out of your table cloths, sheets, or other linen? We can! Our state of the art, steam injecting wash system can get your linens looking new again. Let us clean and brighten all your flatwork table linen needs!

Wedding Gown Preservation

Congratulations! We at Brashier Polk wish you a lifetime of happiness after your big day. We would be honored to help you preserve those special memories by taking the very best care of your wedding dress. We use the most advanced preservation techniques after your dress is properly cleaned. We will take care of making sure your wedding dress is properly packaged and stowed to ensure it stays as clean as the day you first wore it.

Household Items

Comforters, draperies, and other miscellaneous garments can be tricky to wash using conventional cleaning methods. If your standard washing machine just won’t cut it allow us to do the hard work for you. Our cutting edge cleaning methods can do the hard work for you and get your household items looking fresh and new.


Expert Stain Removal

Life happens and there’s nothing most of us can do about that occasional spill that always seems to happen at the worst possible time. At Brashier Polk Cleaners we have professional spotters that have a high probability of success at getting difficult stains out (as long as you bring us your affected garment as soon as possible). We use specialty cleaning fluid along with our spotting boards and “air cannons” to help work the tough stains out! Therefore, if you can’t seem to get that pesky stain out try letting us do the hard work for you 😁

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“Fast, friendly customer service & they take excellent care of my special items.”

Tracey Hunt

“Always 24 hour turnaround, reasonable prices with friendly employees. They do a fantastic job making my dirty work jacket look like new every time!”

Dawn Mellinger

“Nice, friendly people. Fast, flawless service over the past 10 months.”

Geary Jones